• Sensing and modeling
    • Soil moisture sensing using cosmic ray and RF based sensors (Sony Cooperation)
    • Stem water potential sensing using osmometers and microtensiometers (Almond Board)
    • Salinity stress sensing using VOCs (Sandia National Lab)
    • Soil nitrate sensing (CDFA SCBG)
  • Limited irrigation management for specialty crops
    • Almonds (Almond Board)
    • Pistachios
    • Processing tomatoes (US-Israel BARD)
  • Limited irrigation management for field crops
    • Alfalfa (USDA NIFA)
  • Recycled water reuse for irrigation
    • Impact of recycled water reuse for irrigation on soil sodicity, salinity, and crop production  (Water Research Foundation)


  • Groundwater Sustainability
    • Groundwater demand reduction through land-water allocation optimization (USDA NIFA)
    • Groundwater supply increase through early spring flood irrigation followed by microirrigation (USDA NIFA)
  • Soil Hydrology
    • Vadose zone monitoring and modeling of nitrate leaching to groundwater (USDA NRCS CEAP, AIFS)
    • Water and carbon cycling in pistachio orchards with and without cover crops (USDA ARS)
  • Evapotranspiration measurement and modeling
    • Validation of remote sensing of ET of applied water (ETAW) for monitoring groundwater allocation under SGMA (USDA NIFA)