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The Agricultural Water Management Research Group at UC Davis

We are an interdisciplinary group of engineers, and scientists working on various issues related to sustainable water management in agriculture. My research focuses on developing water management strategies and technologies to help growers optimize production and economic outcomes while exerting minimum negative impacts on the environment.  My core areas of specialization include 1) sustainable irrigation management, 2) regional agricultural water management, and 3) agricultural hydrology. Our current projects related to sustainable irrigation management include precision irrigation management in almonds, precision fertigation in processing tomatoes, alfalfa production under limited water, salinity management under microirrigation, and impact of recycled water use on soil and crops. Regional scale agricultural water management work is focused on assessing impacts of irrigation management on groundwater and surface water quantity and quality. My work on agricultural hydrology focuses on understanding water fluxes in the vadose zone under microirrigation, evapotranspiration measurement and modeling, crop modeling, uncertainty analysis, and optimization, and development of data driven decision support systems to guide agricultural water management and policy making. In my research we use a number of tools including field experiments, hydrology and crop simulation models, machine learning, remote sensing, and proximal geophysical techniques to study processes that impact agricultural water management. While our region of focus is California, we are also involved in national and international work on sustainable water management in agriculture with collaborators from several states (e.g., Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Montana, Texas, and Oklahoma) and countries (e.g., Australia, Brazil, China, Israel, Italy, Uganda, and Uzbekistan).