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The Sustainable Agricultural Water Management Research Group at UC Davis

The world faces the grand challenge of sustainably increasing the production of nutritious food, feed and fiber while minimizing negative impacts on the environment. The agricultural water management research group at UC Davis is focused on developing ways to optimize production and economic outcomes, while exerting minimum negative impacts on the environment.

Our research is organized around three main themes:

  1. Sustainable Irrigation Management
  2. Environmental Impacts of Water Use in Agriculture
  3. Agrohydrology

Our current projects include:

Sustainable Irrigation Management: precision irrigation management in almonds and walnuts, alfalfa production under limited water, salinity management under microirrigation, and recycled water reuse impacts on soil and crops.

Environmental Impacts of Water Use in Agriculture: nitrate leaching to groundwater, soil salinization and sodicity.

Agrohydrology: soil water sensing and mapping at various scales from point to field scale, validation of remote sensing evapotranspiration models,  simulation-optimization of crop models, and development of decision support systems.

In my research we use a number of tools including field experiments, hydrology and crop simulation models, machine learning, remote sensing, and proximal geophysical techniques to study biophysical processes that impact agricultural water management.